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  • mastering power Point presentations

    Mastering PowerPoint Presentations

    PowerPoint has become widely used in fields such as business and education as a tool for creating presentations. However, not all PowerPoint presentations are equally effective. To deliver an impactful presentation, it is crucial to understand the dos and don’ts of crafting effective PowerPoint slides. In this blog post, we will explore guidelines and best…

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  • virtual communication

    Communication Changes since Covid

    In March 2020, our world shifted on a scale no one could comprehend. With the onset of a global pandemic, everyone:  businesses, families, friends, doctor appointments, support groups, etc., had to quickly adapt to what many people considered foreign communication: the virtual meeting. As human beings, we crave contact and connection, and community. The fear…

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  • Professional Presenters Need Help

    Yes, even professional presenters need help! My mother’s presentation reflections upon retirement, I wish you were there! A successful businesswoman, my mother, confided in me that she gets terribly nervous when presenting, though she has done it for over 30 years. Have you ever spoken to someone who seems to perform at almost a perfect…

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  • audience feeling the LOVE

    Is Your Audience Feeling the LOVE?

    Valentine’s Day got me thinking this year…. One of the core definitions of love is that we put others’ needs above our own. Some experts have said that we, as human beings, operate out of two base emotions: love and fear. Studies have also found that public speaking is the NUMBER ONE fear in the…

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  • introvert in public-speaking

    Being an introvert in public speaking

    Many people think that only extroverts can be great public speakers. They think, “if you’re good at talking in general, you’ll be good at speaking to a crowd, right?” That’s not always the case. Some of the best speakers of our time are self-identified introverts: Emma Watson, Warren Buffet, President Barack Obama—the list goes on….

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  • public speaking class raleigh nc

    Speak Confidently: The 5 Biggest Mistakes Presenters Make

    Public Speaking With Confidence What is it about public speaking that robs people of their confidence? They stand up in front of a group and all of a sudden their shoulders drop, they fidget, and it’s blatantly obvious to everyone that they don’t want to be there.

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