Los Angeles Presentation Skills Training

Conquer your fear of public speaking, radiate confidence, and compel others with your ideas.

Conquer Your Fears

We’re bringing our popular Presentation Skills Training workshop back to Los Angeles to show people just like you how to improve your presentation skills, so you can put your fear of public speaking to rest and drive your career forward.

Los Angeles Presentation Skills Training

Though many people rarely think about their presentation skills or public speaking, we’ve all had those moments where we wished we could communicate more clearly.

Whether it’s a sales presentation that didn’t quite go as planned, a less than stellar business presentation, or failed meeting with your team, almost all of us have faced situations where public speaking skills have left us feeling beaten down.


Job Promotions


Bold Presenters


Fears Overcome


Lives Saved

(Death By PowerPoint)

LA’s Presentation Skills Training that’s Fun and Effective

This Los Angeles Presentation Skills Training workshop is a fun, dynamic and engaging two-day event in Los Angeles covering public speaking, presentation skills, and communication skills, emphasizing techniques essential to becoming a more persuasive communicator.

Whether you give public speeches, are called upon to deliver business presentations within your organization, or depend on frequent interaction with current or prospective customers to grow your business, this workshop is designed to hone your communication skills and maximize your success!

Lights, camera, action … as we uncover each of these essential techniques through a well-constructed, educationally sound training platform, you will also be practicing them. It is our philosophy that “the skill to do comes from the doing!”

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The Effective Presentations Difference

In the Los Angeles Presentation Skills Training the participants will make short, video-recorded presentations, which will be critiqued by a Nationally Certified Trainer, with immediate feedback allowing you to incorporate this learning and rapidly assimilate the necessary skills to become a more effective presenter.

Now, this is not all work and no play. We all have a great time in a non-threatening environment where laughter and fun are a big part of what we do. To reinforce your ongoing growth as a presenter long after the workshop concludes, each participant leaves the workshop with Effective Presentations exclusive Training Manual and a professionally edited DVD chronicling their workshop experience and their recorded presentations.

Our Los Angeles Presentation Skills Training course will catapult you to a much higher level of effectiveness in communicating and presenting. Never bore another audience, feel like a nervous wreck or flounder in public again!

This is especially true for those who suffer from ‘glossophobia’, a crippling fear of public speaking. They often freeze, even when speaking to an audience of two or three. Fearful, red-faced and sweating, their voice is weak, their mouth is dry and their heart is about to jump out of their chest.

You need never shy away from every opportunity with this Los Angeles Public Speaking Training, and developing exceptional presentation skill is sure to help open the door on the next promotion!

Virtual Training for Los Angeles Businesses

What do you do when you know you need presentation skills training, but you don’t have the time or the resources to come to our workshop? You access our online training workshop instead! Bring our celebrated presentation skills training to your home or office with a click of your mouse. We provide one-on-one training, group coaching services, and follow-up training for those who’ve trained with us before.