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If your boss or co-workers worked on their communication a little bit would they benefit? What if you worked on your communication a bit? Would you benefit? The truth is that anyone taking the time to work on their presenting skills will have a positive impact on their overall communication. Dealing with difficult people is common for every human that has worked a day in a business environment, but working with difficult personalities can be challenging.

In our Authentic Interpersonal Communicator course learn what human communication styles people unintentionally use to speak their message.

owning the room
  • Be clear about what you want or offer.
  • Create trust with others.
  • Convey a concise message avoiding unhelpful language.
  • Engage others without fear.
  • Pursue curiosity about possibilities without self serving agendas.
  • Deal with challenges confidently.

Stepping into your authentic voice, feelings and attitude inspire or discourage others to listen and speak in an authentic manner. When everyone is on the same page of authentic communication an environment of trust and rapport is built. Experience how building your interpersonal skills will improve your interactions. Learn to deal with difficult people and help lower confrontation not only in the workplace but also in your personal life. People want to trust what you say and trust you as a person.

Do interpersonal conflict strategies work?

“My conflict with a co-worker was so intense that I planned to quit my job. The day before my resignation, I was required to attend your training. Within two hours, you helped me understand the root of the conflict and gave me the tools to address the issues. What a colossal misunderstanding we held towards each other. Now we work together effectively. I have new tools to communicate effectively. The insights in this training saved my job and I gained a valued friend.”

Does Authenticity require total transparency?

“I was amazed at how real the training got without me being coaxed or guilted to bring up my baggage. I agree with Steve’s statement about how most of us carry fears that if people could see me for who I am, they might like me less. Thank you for not asking me to divulge my struggles.”

Will this training be different than the last interpersonal skills class I took?

“It’s not something I’m going to find on YouTube. From the speaking style assessment results to the content, every part of the training taught me something new and in an affirming way that made me feel good about myself.”

The Authentic Communicator Workshop

The Authentic Communicator workshop will help you communicate naturally and navigate challenging conversations persuasively without being manipulative, or playing relational games or charades.

Our speaking styles assessment is a short online questionnaire that will give you a unique look at how you view yourself and how to understand others. The training is an interactive experience, and you will receive a workbook with over a 70-pages of content for you to reference, with additional exercises for you to continue your learning.

You’ll learn principles that are practical and that you can use immediately in your next meeting or presentation.

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Authentic Communicator Workshop

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Authentic Communicator Workshop

Effective Presentations is one of the best workshops I have ever attended in my career in Guest Relations/Sales Training. Whether you are a seasoned presenter or new to the arena, there is something for everyone to learn and improve upon. The ability to learn concepts and then put them immediately into practice through videotaping was very effective. Not only did I gain insight into advanced presentation skills, but also in facilitation skills!

– Janet Kirschner

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Do others trust you and believe in what you say?

Interpersonal skills by authentic communicators create trust, believably, and move people to action.

  • No need to second guess yourself.
  • No regrets!
    • No need to blame others.
    • No need to doubt yourself.