They want to own the room. They just don’t know how.

How to Become More Confident

Do you know what it means to own the room?

Have you ever felt like you did it?

Not many people have the confidence they need to own a room. They want to draw people in and hold their attention. They want the respect of their listeners. With training from Effective Presentations, you can learn the secrets to captivating any audience. To motivate any listener. And you can do it without saying a word.

We give you the tools you need to become a master communicator. To be someone people admire and relate to. To be someone who holds themselves with self-assurance and flair.

You’ll be the one everyone goes to because they remember the impression you left on them. You were articulate and confident. You presented ideas that were clear and smart.

You owned the room and they’ve never forgotten it.

Sign up now for our Confident Body Language interactive virtual course and get a one-hour intensive on how you can be more confident, communicate more effectively, and boost your credibility by using better body language.

Grab Their Attention

People don’t listen to you just because you’re speaking. Assuming they will is one of the biggest mistakes novice speakers make.

You want people to listen to what you’re saying and to stay tuned in to your message. And more often than not, that has nothing to do with what you’re saying.

Sure, getting your listeners’ attention at the beginning of your presentation is key; holding that attention is a little more tricky. Words alone won’t do it.

How you tell your story with confident body language will.

We’ll show you how to avoid the mistakes just about everyone makes when they’re delivering a presentation. Mistakes that lead to your audience disengaging.

Speak With Confidence

We’ll also show you tried-and-tested strategies to own the room—any room—and keep your listeners engaged simply by using a few body language tricks.

In our super-charged 60-minute Confident Body Language interactive virtual course you’ll learn:

  • How to send a powerful message without saying a word
  • Why body language is a valuable communication tool
  • Non-verbal communication techniques that will hold the audience’s attention
  • Ways to make your point creatively (it’s easier than you think!)

Everything from your posture and hand gestures to the eye contact you make with your audience factor into your message. Without even knowing it, these very important communication tools play heavily into influencing your audience.

“Successful presenters understand that what the audience sees in a presentation makes a stronger impact than the words they hear. A good presenter has the ability to engage his or her listeners from beginning to end and compel them to take action. Those who wish to learn presentation skills can get incredible training from expert presenters through classes or courses offered by the staff at Effective Presentations. Their highly effective training did wonders for me.”

– Phillip Brown

Learn to Love Public Speaking

Effective Presentations has been a leader in presentation skills coaching for more than two decades. We don’t just help you overcome your fear of public speaking, we’ll get you to love it.

Our live interactive courses are packed with high-level training, so you feel more confident when you’re speaking in public, delivering a sales presentation, or communicating with others on your team.

Our goal is to provide you with education and support to drive your career forward and increase your earning potential.

When you enroll in our Confident Body Language interactive course, you’ll:

  • Uncover secrets on how to instantly feel more confident
  • Learn little-known tips for using body language effectively
  • Master language that gets audiences to listen and take action
  • Deliver practice presentations to put your new skills to work

Learning how to gain Confident Body Language with us won’t only benefit you at work; these are skills you can effectively apply to every situation.

Imagine walking into your next presentation feeling 100% confident that your audience is eager to hear what you have to say. Imagine speaking to a group that’s fully engaged and receptive to your ideas.

Effective Presentations’ Confident Body Language live interactive course delivers that and more.

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Learning to use body language effectively is just one of the dozens of skills that can help you communicate better and improve your business relationships. Every new skill you learn with us puts you in a position to move your career forward. Learning it virtually allows you to do it easily and conveniently.

We know your schedule is hectic and your time is at a premium. That’s why we promise to deliver a one-hour live interactive training course that you’ll love.

Train as an individual in a virtual classroom with up to 4 other people, or register your entire team for private training. We also offer discounts when you bundle your interactive training courses.

You can sign up to join a virtual classroom with up to 4 other people, or register your entire team for private training. Ask us about the discounts we offer when you bundle your interactive training courses.

Sign up now for Effective Presentations’ Confident Body Language online training and get ready to become a legendary speaker that impresses any audience.