Inject Excitement Into Your Presentations

Raise your hand if you’ve ever struggled to engage your audience.


Now raise your hand if you realize asking the above question was a simple engagement technique. It’s just one of many you can use with your audiences to pull them into your presentation and get them involved.

Because if your audience isn’t engaged, it’s unreasonable to expect them to care about your presentation.

Audience engagement is critical to your presentation’s success. You can’t simply hope your listeners will understand, remember, and follow up. You have to lay the groundwork through an engaging presentation. One that seduces them to listen. One that’s passionate and flirts with their desire to learn more.

Your audience is tired of one-way conversations. They want to participate—and you need them to participate. Sometimes that means you have to take them by the hand the show them why your presentation matters to them.

Effective Presentations gives you the tools you need to become a more engaging speaker. Not only that, through our Engaging Your Audience live interactive course, we’ll also teach you how to use those tools to inject life into your presentations. Because when you ignore audience engagement—when you simply talk and expect the audience to listen—you’re ignoring the one piece of the puzzle that matters most to them: feeling like they’re a part of something.

Get Creative. Reel Them In.

It might be obvious to you why your audience should be interested in what you’re saying, but it might not be obvious to them. That means getting creative with the elements of your presentation. It means drawing your listeners in with techniques proven to engage them. They want to see you as an expert. They want to trust your authority and learn from you. They can’t do any of those things if they aren’t listening.

Are you just flipping through a slide deck and reciting stats?

Are you running off-topic, abandoning the core message they need from you?

Are you giving them a chance to get involved by asking questions and letting them ask questions of you?

We know the best way to engage your audience is to excite them. That’s why we use our Engaging Your Audience live interactive course to teach you:

  • How storytelling can form a bond with your audience to boost your credibility
  • Simple engagement techniques to hold your audience’s attention
  • Little-known ways to maximize your Q&A sessions

It doesn’t matter if you’re giving a quick 5-minute business presentation or delivering a keynote address for an hour; the tools you get from our Engaging Your Audience live interactive course will instantly make you a more engaging, exciting speaker.

See Immediate Results

For more than 20 years, companies across the country have trusted Effective Presentations to provide expert training on how to become a better public speaker.

Through our live and online interactive courses, we’ve trained millions of people and turned them into brilliant speakers. People who once cowered at the thought of speaking in public now deliver presentations fearlessly.

They learned quick, simple tricks to feel more confident, speak more clearly, and get more engagement from their listeners.

Now, with our live interactive courses, you can access our high-level training one hour at a time.

We guarantee that by putting the skills you learn in our Engaging Your Audience live interactive course to work, you’ll see an immediate difference in how your listeners respond and engage during your next presentation.

“Learning how to be effective with my public speaking was always a goal of mine and knew it was very important to furthering my career. I tried on my own but never could overcome the fear and stop using padding words. I searched online and attended a course with Mike and it was life changing. I recommend that everyone that speaks in any size group take this course. This was awesome and I will be having my team take it also.”

– Joe Dahlstrom

Imagine the feeling of having an audience that responds to you by joining in on the presentation. Imagine knowing what you said was listened to and enjoyed instead of simply tolerated and forgotten 10 minutes after you stopped talking.

With Effective Presentations’ Engaging Your Audience live interactive course, you get full access to our greatest secrets for keeping audiences listening and engaged.

Join Effective Presentations’ Engaging Your Audience live interactive course now and you can have all of that.

We don’t just ramble off a list of tips you can find anywhere. In our Engaging Your Audience live interactive course you’ll:

  • Discover why people interact with speakers (and why they don’t)
  • Unlock key audience engagement techniques
  • Uncover common engagement pitfalls
  • Deliver practice presentations hitting key online presentation techniques

These incredibly effective skills are ones you can use with audiences of any size, from small business meetings with a few colleagues to large groups at conferences or workshops.

Effective Presentations makes you a better speaker, a stronger communicator, and helps you leverage the skills you have now to become a more valuable asset to your team.

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