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Live Virtual Master Classes

Unleash the power of your team by enrolling in our dynamic Master Classes. The perfect solution for targeted and impactful training delivered in easily digestible sessions! Created with busy organizations like yours in mind, our courses provide a convenient and flexible approach to learning that seamlessly integrates into your busy schedule.


Class Options

Short 1 or 2-hour interactive virtual classes for small or large groups.

Be Better on Video

Master Virtual Meetings

Be More Interesting

Expressing Vocal Variety

Tell Your Story

Master Storytelling

Own the Room

Confident Body Language

Include Everyone

Engaging Your Audience

Introduce Yourself

Powerful Introductions

Be Memorable

Creating a Lasting Impression

Create Instant Rapport

Build Trust and Connect Quickly

Speaking Your Truth

Your Speaker Identity

Craft Your Message

Structure and Content

Reinforce Your Message

Winning Slide Decks

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Hadi Assaf


Customize Classes to Meet Your Objectives

Here’s a question I posed to a group of trainers and the responses were not totally unexpected:

What you can expect from these highly interactive sessions:

  • The flexibility to learn when it fits your schedule
  • A supportive learning environment with others who share your goal of becoming powerful and confident.
  • An affordable and more accessible alternative to our live presentation skills training workshops