Deliver an Irresistible Message

Raise your hand if it takes you hours to plan the structure and content of your presentations.

Structuring a Speech That Sticks

If it doesn’t, it should. Because having a solid structure and content that matters to your audience is important. You can’t throw it all together in under an hour and expect to get a standing ovation.

But the time you spend creating a winning presentation doesn’t have to be grueling, either. With Effective Presentations’ Structure and Content interactive virtual course, you’ll be able to breeze through the planning phase of your next presentation.

You’ll feel confident that your presentation nails your message clearly, and that its structure keeps feeding your audience’s curiosity so they listen right to the end.

So often our clients tell us they know what they want to say, but they’re not sure how to say it. Their message gets lost the minute they try to plan their presentation. The points they want to hit get tangled up in a web of ideas that run in every direction.

Our Structure and Content interactive course gives you easy-to-follow instructions on how to develop an impactful and audience-centred message that your listeners can’t resist. You’ll learn how to define your purpose and provide structure to your presentation so your message is received loud and clear.

Keep Your Listeners Engaged

How you start and end your presentation is important, but the body of your presentation is where your message comes to life. It’s where your listeners understand why they should care about what you’re saying. You want your presentation to do more than just get the job done. You want it to be memorable. You need it to be unforgettable.

How can you do it every time?

We’ll show you how to mix elements that keep your audience engaged. You’ll learn how a well-organized presentation that incorporates several methods of sharing content has a greater impact on your audience than just standing up and speaking. We’ll help you come up with a winning formula to structure your presentations so the information you deliver is relevant and meaningful to your audience.

No more second-guessing if you should include something or leave it out. In our Structure and Content interactive virtual course, you’ll learn how to evaluate your message and choose the best way to deliver it with the most important information.

Structure Your Message to Be Memorable Every time

Here’s a sneak peek at what you’ll get from our 60-minute Structure and Content interactive virtual course:

  • The confidence that what you’re sharing will be valued by your listeners
  • A clear understanding of why structure is so important to your presentation’s success
  • Access to our 7-step process for creating a spectacular presentation
  • Strategies to modify your structure to suit different audiences

If you’ve been struggling to tie your content to your structure, and your presentations are falling flat because of it, we can help.

Our Structure and Content interactive virtual course delivers 60 minutes of corporate-level training to make your presentations more effective, more interesting, and more memorable.

“I read some blog posts and they were inspiring, then I realized Effective Presentations does virtual coaching all over the world. I live in Bangladesh and the 4-hour virtual training we did was impressive. I was live on my computer with one of their trainers, and it really helped with the structure and delivery on my presentation. I feel so confident that I can’t wait for my next sales presentation and I will be referring my colleagues to Effective Presentations for virtual training.”

– Shawon Nazir

Pinpoint Your Message Easily

Effective Presentations is unlike any other presentation skills coaching company. For more than 20 years, we’ve been working with businesses of every size to help people massively improve their presentation skills. We do more than just teach public speaking; we turn people into confident and compelling communicators.

Train with Effective Presentations and save yourself hours of frustration over trying to figure out what you should say and how to present it. Our Structure and Content interactive virtual course makes crafting your message easy.

When you enroll in our Structure and Content interactive course, you’ll:

  • Uncover our secrets for setting up a simple yet effective presentation structure
  • Learn easy ways to pinpoint your message
  • Master the elements that make a presentation irresistible
  • Deliver practice presentations to put your new skills to work

When you understand how to craft a message in a way your audience is receptive to, the impact your presentation has will skyrocket.

Imagine the feeling of having your audience fully engaged in your next presentation and knowing it’s because you designed a message that made them excited to listen.

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Learn Fail-Proof Techniques

It’s important for your career growth to learn new skills. Our professional training programs give you access to tools to make you a better communicator and the ultimate presenter. And we do it quickly and easily.

With Effective Presentations’ live interactive training courses, you get access to our most popular training programs from anywhere you have an internet connection.

All of our online training programs are led by the same certified trainers who deliver our live presentation skills workshops. We’re committed to giving you a one-hour live training experience that transforms how you communicate at work and at home.

Sign up now for Effective Presentations’ Structure and Content online training course or combine it with others in our catalog. Training discounts are available when you bundle courses to maximize your learning and save you money.