Use Slides Strategically

What can a slide deck do for your presentation?

Presenting PowerPoint

Simple, attractive slides can captivate your audience and guide them through your presentation by drawing them to key points. In fact, when you use PowerPoint effectively, you could see your audience engagement explode.

But are you using slides properly? And are you designing them so they have maximum impact?

Effective Presentations’ Winning Slide Decks interactive virtual course gives you solid, expert advice on how to create and use PowerPoint effectively to win over your audience. Slide after slide of stats, charts and graphs wouldn’t get you excited; they won’t work your audience into a frenzy either.

But a presentation flanked by knockout slides can strengthen your message and make it easier for your audience to remember it.

If coming up with PowerPoint or Google Slides to complement your presentation is a major sticking point for you, Effective Presentations can help. We’ve created a Winning Slide Decks online course that quickly and easily teaches you:

  • How to plan your slide deck so your core message doesn’t get lost
  • What kind of slides are the most effective at grabbing an audience’s attention
  • When slide decks are useful and when you avoid them

Making a PowerPoint Presentation Memorable

A presentation is only as successful as the response it gets from the audience. Make your next presentation one your listeners can’t forget by including clever and creative slides that back your message and visually illustrate what you’re saying.

Use PowerPoint Effectively

Your presentation isn’t in your slide deck. If you find yourself using slides to tell your story, Effective Presentations can show you how to stop using slides to prop up your presentation and instead use them to make it more exciting.

Visual aids can make it much easier for your audience to understand and digest facts and figures. They can simplify complex concepts and be used to add humor to your presentations.

But slides can’t replace your expert knowledge or make you more persuasive.

You want to create slide decks that back your authority on the subject matter and reinforce your message.

You need to create slide decks that support your presentation without overshadowing it.

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Simplify With Slides

When you sign on for an interactive virtual course from Effective Presentations, you aren’t just learning how to be a better public speaker; you’re learning how to be an amazing communicator—using your words, your body language, and other presentation tools.

By strengthening your presentation skills, you can share your thoughts and ideas more clearly, and you make it easier for others to understand the concepts you’re delivering to them.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been providing professional training with proven results. Our clients keep coming back because they know our methods are easy-to-follow and effective. We work hard to make our courses fun, too.

Every one of our interactive virtual courses gives you 60 minutes of training with one of our nationally certified instructors who’ve experienced many of the communication challenges you face.

After taking our Winning Slide Decks course, you’ll be able to:

  • Create stunning slide decks that are attractive and effective
  • Deliver a presentation that uses slides creatively
  • Audit your own slide decks to improve them based on our tips

The Winning Slide Decks interactive course will help you understand why and how slides enhance your presentation, and the best ways to use them so that you’re audience isn’t bored or overwhelmed.

Presenting with Slides

How many slides should you use? How much text should be on each?

These basic questions are covered in our 60-minute Winning Slide Decks interactive virtual course. But we’ll give you so much more. You’ll also:

  • Unlock the secrets to telling a story with slides
  • Discover how to design jaw-dropping slides with no graphic design skills
  • Uncover little-known tricks to simplify the design process
  • Unclutter your visual aids to maximize their impact

With our simple and effective training, you’ll get fail-proof formulas for creating slide decks for any presentation to impress your listeners and hold your audience’s attention.

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Our goal is to improve your communication skills so you can be more successful at work and in life. And our programs are open to anyone, from small business owners and their staff to C-level executives.

Your expertise means nothing without a solid presentation to back it up. Sign up now for our Winning Slide Decks interactive virtual course and get the tools you need to make your next presentation the best you’ve ever given.

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