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Learn how to give more effective presentations and short training programs that add value to your employees’ development – we guarantee immediate, measurable results.

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Volume Discounts for Larger Organizations

When it comes to corporate training budgets, overspending often eclipses under-spending.
Now, spend your budget wisely and increase the ROI on your training investments with our discounted corporate pricing programs. Learn more about our volume discount programs, including which of your peers are already enjoying significant cost savings. Our volume discount tiers are:

25K – 50K
50K – 100k
100K +

Optimize Your Organization’s Potential

Companies are investing in the people they need to succeed but fail to realize their full potential because of a lack of training. They are not getting the most out of those investments.

Effective Presentations is here to help your team make the most out of the talent you have invested in them. Our team will work with your team to develop the soft skills needed to fully optimize your organization’s potential.

Effective Communication Skills and Leadership

The business world is changing. To remain competitive, you must ensure that your employees are up to par with the competencies needed to succeed in today’s business climate. Communication is of paramount importance as well as leadership because they ultimately drive each other.

Your employees could probably use a boost in leadership skills and communications training. This is especially true for those who are in managerial roles.

If you are looking for a training curriculum that will provide your team with valuable experience and meaningful tools they can apply immediately, then contact us for more information about the leadership workshop options available to your organization.

Effective Presentations’ Corporate Training Promise

  • Capitalize on your team’s existing strengths and talents
  • Empower your team with advanced communication skills
  • Position your team to capitalize on every opportunity
I’ve been teaching and doing public speaking for many years and, after taking this seminar, my presentation skills have absolutely gone to a new level.
Amira Waters
Support Manager

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