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From the Windy City to the World: Sharpen Your Public Speaking Skills

In today’s fast-moving world, effective communication is not just important. It’s essential. Whether you’re pitching an idea, delivering a project presentation, or motivating a team, how clearly, confidently and persuasively you convey your message can make all the difference between progress and standing still. That’s why we’re introducing a transformative training program on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills in Chicago aimed at taking your communication abilities to new levels.

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Chicago isn’t just a setting for this training; it’s an integral part of the entire experience. With its reputation as a hub of vibrant business activities, cultural variety, and a history filled with influential speakers and leaders, Chicago offers the ideal environment to refine and excel in your public speaking talents. From corporate boardrooms in the Loop to lively community gatherings throughout its neighborhoods, Chicago embodies the essence of impactful communication that connects people effectively.

Whether you aim to inspire change, lead with confidence or simply have your voice heard in the vibrant city of Chicago, our Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Training will help you become a more effective communicator.

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Jul 11-12

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Hyatt Place, 6550 S Cicero Ave, Chicago, IL

Enhance your persuasive abilities by mastering the art of storytelling, emotional appeal and logical reasoning to influence your audience in a positive direction. Learn how to engage your listeners effectively throughout your presentation, transforming passive spectators into active participants. Receive personalized feedback in a nurturing setting to refine your communication style and enhance your impact.

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This training program goes beyond just acquiring knowledge; it’s a transformative experience that will equip you with valuable skills for life. Guided by experienced communicators and trainers, you’ll embark on a journey of personal and professional development. Chicago, with its dynamic atmosphere and diverse audiences, serves as the ideal setting to practice and hone your newly acquired public speaking skills in Chicago.

Can’t Make Our Chicago Workshop?

Do you live or work in the Chicago area but can’t take time off to come to one of our live workshops? Our virtual training workshops are the next best thing!

How Do Your Presentation Skills Rate?

How would you rate your communication skills? In a world of emails, text messages and FaceTime, effective communication skills are more important than ever. It’s tough to get your message heard when so many other people are competing for your audience’s attention. Our public speaking classes in Chicago train you to be an expert communicator—someone who can reach more people with your message because you know exactly how to present it. Compelling sales pitches, speeches that motivate, and all around stellar presentations come from people who know how to communicate effectively.

Effective Presentations also provides corporate leadership courses that teach critical disciplines fundamental to success in every business, including presentation and public speaking skills, sales training, and time management. Each of our Corporate Leadership Training workshops is designed specifically for business professionals using interactive methodologies to maximize learning.

Join us in Chicago for exceptional presentation skills training that will make you a stronger, more confident public speaker. Contact us today to find out more about our Chicago training events.

Virtual Presentation Skills Training Classes

Can’t join us in Chicago? Effective Presentations’ virtual training classes make it easy and affordable to learn from anywhere in the world.

  • One-on-one virtual training – You’ll have our undivided attention for 4 hours of personalized instruction. You decide where and when you learn.
  • Group coaching – Combine private coaching with the benefits of group learning. We’ll train for a total of 6 hours. Online class sizes are limited to 4 participants.
  • Alumni training – Give your presentation skills a boost with this one-on-one refresher course. Only those who’ve completed online training with us are eligible for this exclusive classroom.

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I didn’t know what to expect. The class was useful, enlightening and effective. I’d recommend this class to anyone, to improve their communication skills.


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I’ve been teaching and doing public speaking for many years and, after taking this workshop, my presentation skills have gone to a new level.


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