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Transform your organization by overcoming the communication challenges that limit your success.

Effective Communication Skills Training

Communicate in a more natural, authentic, and compelling manner. Whether you’re in a leadership position, need to deliver effective business presentations to customers, or present quarterly performance reports to management, this communication seminar will enable you to leverage your intrinsic motivations and develop your most effective communication skills.

Your professional and personal success depend upon effective communication, which begins with your ability to be confident, prepared, poised and natural. It requires understanding your audience and what motivates them to listen to you. Finally, it depends upon your ability to connect with the audience authentically and persuasively.

Successful organizations leverage differences to become strengths and not deterrents to success.

Authentic Communicators:

  • understand what is essential for win-win situations and know how to leverage differences
  • stand out from the group by being themselves and not draining energy by imitating others
  • see through others’ hype and gets to the root issues of concern
  • address conflicts before they create real damage
  • deploy communication skills that invite others into authenticity
  • take ownership for organizational success
  • take responsibility to deal with difficult people appropriately

Authentic Communicator Skills Training

Everyone understands the challenges of communication in organizations. Each person brings unique values, perspectives, and priorities to the team. At times, communication works well. Other times, it creates barriers.

Authentic Communicators use methods that create environments of trust. They help people understand each other. They explore ways to communicate with difficult personalities or self-servicing agendas. 

An Interactive Training Experience

Our Authentic Communicator workshop is an interactive experience beginning with a short assessment. You’ll receive a workbook, get to hear from other participants, and have the opportunity to practice in a safe environment.

Greet your next opportunity to communicate with enthusiasm and anticipation. You only get one chance to make a first impression. Understanding your intrinsic motivations and utilizing effective presentation skills will help get your message across the first time.

Successful presenters understand that what the audience sees in a presentation makes a stronger impact than the words they hear. We’ve been wired to take in information primarily through our eyes ever since cave dwellers began looking over their shoulders for approaching mastodons. However, giving a presentation is not an easy task; it requires substantial research, organization, public speaking skills, and self-confidence. A good presenter has the ability to engage his or her listeners from beginning to end and compel them to take action. Those who wish to learn presentation skills can get incredible training from expert presenters through classes or courses offered by the staff at effective presentations. There highly effective training did wonders for me.

Phillip Brown

Engage Difficult People Through Authentic Communication

Authenticity can be scary at first. The fear that someone will manipulate your words or promote a selfish agenda is a real threat. Not everyone will welcome it. Over time, an authentic communicator builds credibility and is the person others seek to hear.

“Authentic Communicators phrase ideas in positive, compelling, and truthful ways, even when the truth might sting.”

Help your team leverage communication styles to become strengths and not deterrents to your success. Our one-day or two-day options allow you to customize course objectives to address your most urgent communication needs.

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