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Corporate Virtual Presentation Training

98% of US corporate staff agree that public speaking is one of their greatest fears when working in a corporate environment.

Our customized training enables your staff to overcome the fear of public speaking and virtually interact with other employees who may be in different geographical locations.

These workshops include three 2-hour small-group sessions and private one-on-one follow-up coaching designed with your team’s needs, requirements, and dynamics in mind. They are tailored specifically for your organization’s specific teams.

Virtual Presentation Training Options

1. Public Speaking. 2.Crafting Your Message

Presentation Skills Workshop


$3975 $2995

Limited Time promotion

Includes 5 Participants

  • Exuding Greater Confidence
  • Non-Verbal Communication
  • Powerful Vocal Techniques
  • Filler Word Elimination
  • Attacking Speaking Anxiety

Presentation Agenda

Messaging Skills


$3975 $2995

Limited Time promotion

Includes 5 Participants

  • Organizing your Speech
  • Clear & Concise Messaging
  • Engaging Story-lines
  • Slide Deck Boot Camp
  • Thinking on Your Feet

Messaging Agenda

Presentation & Public Speaking
Messaging & Structure

Bundle Offer!

$7950 $5490

You are saving extra $500 Flexible Scheduling
  • 3 Presentation and Public Speaking
  • 3 Message and Structure
  • 2 Private Coaching Per Participant

You are getting all the benefits from two different workshop with extra $500 savings Total savings $2460

Hands-On Remote Workshops

Our virtual workshops provide the same value as our in-person training with the added convenience of not having to leave your desk.

You’ll have access to your trainer before, during and after the training. They will offer feedback on your recorded practice presentations, answer any questions, and keep you motivated with role-play exercises and stimulating activities.


Benefits of Virtual Presentation Training

Live Virtual Training

Virtual Presentation Training enhances communication, teamwork, and understanding among employees.

convenient times

Our training programs can be taken anywhere there is an Internet connection and scheduled at convenient times.

cost effective

Timely and cost-effective access to soft skills development that is consistently rated as the best in the industry.

Master Classes

1-2 hour classes for your team. Small or large group formats

  • Mastering Virtual Training
  • Radiating Confident Body Language
  • Connecting Thru Eye Contact
  • Expressing Vocal Variety
  • Incorporating Your Audience
  • Developing Your Speaker Identity
  • Storytelling
  • Making Powerful Introductions
  • Crafting Your Message
  • Winning Slide Decks

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Remote corporate workshops allow you to learn how to become a better communicator in the comfort of your own home. Instead of being distracted by bright lights and noisy classmates, you can conduct practice presentations in the privacy of your own office.

You’ll have access to a nationally certified trainer who can answer any questions and keep you motivated with recorded practice presentations, role-play exercises, and stimulating activities.

Does your team need individualized, one-on-one training from a nationally certified trainer to help you improve their communication skills, contact us today for more information or fill out the form for our upcoming schedule.

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Personalized 1-on-1 Training

Searching for the best solution to your presentation skills
opportunities? We see it all the time.

Seminars and workshops are expensive; classes are challenging to schedule around your hectic schedule, and still, you don’t get one-on-one attention!

Effective Presentations’ Live, 1-1 Virtual Presentation Training is available anywhere, anytime, without disrupting your daily life. Spending just an hour once or twice weekly with a skilled training expert will help you confidently face your next presentation opportunity. Getting results while keeping things convenient – now that’s impressive.