Build Trust With Eye Contact

Engage Your Audience with Ease

Make Your Connections Stronger

Do you know what it means to own the room?

The secret to being a successful leader and a remarkable communicator lies in building trust with your audience.

Yours might be the best product or service on the market, and you might be a likeable person. But people don’t buy from people they like.

They buy from people they trust.

That’s why it’s so important to build a rapport with the people you meet every day. Because that rapport translates into confidence in you and what you do. That rapport converts.

Can you create that kind of rapport with people instantly? Absolutely. And Effective Presentations can show you how.

Seize Every Opportunity

The most effective way to build a rapport with another person is to seize the opportunity to do it the first time you meet.

Every interaction with someone new is where opportunity begins. And if you want to build trust and connect quickly, it starts with a solid first impression. But navigating first impressions can be tricky. You don’t get much time to make one, so those precious few seconds are priceless. What’s the trick?

Effective Presentations will show you how to enter a room ready to connect. You’ll look and feel confident because you’ll have valuable strategies in your pocket to earn your audience’s trust immediately.

Here’s where you’ll learn what it really means to build a rapport.

It’s not about charming your listeners or convincing them you’re on their side. It’s about establishing and growing a connection with another person that starts the minute you meet. It’s about showing them you value them.

With Effective Presentations’ Build Trust & Connect Quickly interactive virtual course, you’ll learn how to build a rapport with any audience quickly and easily with a few simple but powerful techniques.

The way you connect with people—and how quickly you can make that connection—plays a huge role in your business success.

You may be an expert in your field, but what you know isn’t nearly as important to your audience as how much you care.

Let Effective Presentations show you how to build a rapport with anyone just by using a few simple strategies you can master in one 60-minute online session with us.

“If you want to make a great impact with an audience, take a sale to closing or influence others to consider your product or cause, Effective Presentations is the way to make it happen. The professionalism, the material and the practice all in one bring the excellence you desire. Take it, you will see!”

– Lori O’Donnell Mateer

Draw On Two Decades of Experience

For more than 20 years, Effective Presentations has been training businesses across the country on how to deliver world-class presentations. Our programs are revolutionary because they deliver corporate level training for everyone, in any field, working in any industry.

We’ve helped thousands of people conquer their fear of public speaking and turned them into knockout presenters by giving them the tools they need to communicate more effectively.

With our live Build Trust & Connect Quickly interactive course, you get one hour of corporate-level training. You’ll leave feeling empowered and ready to walk into your next meeting feeling confident.

In our Build Trust & Connect Quickly interactive course you’ll:

  • Discover how to ask better questions and listen with empathy
  • Uncover body language tips that make a loud and positive statement
  • Learn our secrets for projecting confidence
  • Deliver practice presentations hitting key online presentation techniques

The skills you learn with us are skills you can use in every situation, in every area of your life. Imagine feeling confident as you step into a room of strangers knowing you can win every one of them over simply by using the tips you’ve learned with us.

Effective Presentations makes you a better speaker, a stronger communicator, and helps you leverage the skills you have now to become a more valuable asset to your team.

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Firm Up Your Soft Skills

If you’ve been thinking about improving your professional skills, now is the perfect time to do it.

The Number 1 way to advance your career is to improve the soft skills that make you easier to work with.

TEffective Presentations delivers the training you need in a format that’s convenient and flexible. We want to see you develop the skills that will push your career forward, and our Build Trust & Connect Quickly interactive virtual course delivers exactly that.

The business world is constantly changing, relying more and more on technology every day. We’re helping you take advantage of that by making it easier than ever to access our training platforms.

With interactive virtual training, you can master all of the soft skills a proven leader needs without ever stepping foot inside a training classroom. Join an online training session and learn with up to four others in a virtual classroom, or register your entire team. We provide corporate training that’s easy, convenient, and tailored to fit your company.

Whether you want to build better work relationships, strengthen your leadership skills, or provide better customer service, the skills you learn in our 60-minute Build Trust & Connect Quickly interactive course will help you reach that goal.

Register now for Effective Presentations’ Build Trust & Connect Quickly online training and get ready to become a public speaking powerhouse.