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Expressing Vocal Variety

As a speaker, your greatest tool is your voice. How you speak can stir emotion in your listeners and make them more responsive. Your voice literally breathes life into your presentations.

But harnessing the power of your voice doesn’t come easy for everyone. Your fear of public speaking may prevent you from speaking naturally or letting your personality shine through. Your lack of experience speaking in public may have you feeling nervous and sounding shaky.

Deliver your message more effectively using creative techniques in voice dynamics. It’s what Effective Presentations teaches through our online Expressing Vocal Variety training program.

This 60-minute interactive virtual course will improve your speech delivery so your presentations are more interesting, more exciting, and full of energy.

Vocal Variety In Speech

It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. When it comes to presentation skills, your delivery is even more important that the content.

Start by understanding your unique voice. Until you know what your voice is capable of, you can’t use it to its full potential.

Very few people learn the skills that help them use their voice to their advantage. You’re either too loud, too quiet, or too monotone. There never seems to be a happy medium.

Get a Reaction

With Effective Presentations, you’ll learn how your voice can get a reaction from your audience—to provoke their emotions and have them hanging on to your every word.

If you’re like most speakers, your skills are mediocre. They’re passable. You’re capable of getting up and speaking, but there’s nothing remarkable about how you do it.

But think about the best presentation you’ve ever heard. The one that had you walking away thinking, “Wow! That was amazing.” Was it what the speaker said, or was it how they delivered their message?

Find Your Voice and Inspire Others to Find Theirs

For more than 20 years, Effective Presentations has been a leader in presentation skills training. Through our easy and effective training programs, we’ve helped thousands of people become confident, captivating speakers. Their careers have skyrocketed because they learned to harness the skills to take them to the next level. With our live Expressing Vocal Variety interactive course, you get one hour of corporate-level training that will massively improve your speaking skills. We’ll have you feeling fearless as you step into your next presentation, knowing you have the skills to deliver an impressive presentation to any audience.

Imagine the feeling of having the undivided attention of any audience. Imagine the feeling of hearing how inspired someone felt just by listening to what you had to say.

Join Effective Presentations’ Expressing Vocal Variety course now and you can have all of that.

In our Expressing Vocal Variety interactive course you’ll:

  • Discover breathing techniques to improve your delivery
  • Uncover ways to spark an emotional response from your audience
  • Define your own unique voice characteristics
  • Deliver practice presentations hitting key online presentation techniques

Understanding your voice and learning to leverage it in presentations will make you a stronger public speaker. You’ll see instant results just from using the simple techniques we teach you in one 60-minute session.

This is the best training I have participated in for my job to date! The hands-on learning environment really made the difference in what I retained and I immediately was able to put my new skills to use upon my return to work. I was comfortable speaking before I took the seminar, but now – I am confident! And that makes all the difference! Not only do I use these skills at work, but I was able to apply them to my personal life as well when teaching and speaking at my church. I highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to be more confident in their interactions with other people; whether it be one-on-one conversations, meetings of any size or full out presentations to an audience. There’s something useful for all!”

– Michelle Reaves

Seize Missed Opportunities

How do you react when you listen to a speaker who’s excited and enthusiastic? What happens when you hear someone whose story is sympathetic, painful, or infuriating?

The way you present can stir up emotions in your listeners—and that’s powerful, particularly in the sales and marketing space.

Humans respond to emotion, not logic. So if you’re still delivering your presentations the same way, using the same words, with no thought about how you’re speaking, you’ve been missing opportunities.

Effective Presentations draws on your natural speaking abilities to become a more exciting and dynamic speaker. We’ll help you fine-tune your voice and show you how to use it to entice an emotional response from your audience.

Your voice has been muted by years of bad speaking habits. You probably have no idea what a gem it is. Let us show you how your vocal expression can influence any audience through your pitch, your pronunciation, and the speed at which you speak.

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Learn Quickly

You know that learning new skills is key to advancing your career. By learning with us, you’re putting yourself at an advantage.

We’ve trained Fortune 500 companies all the way down to solopreneurs. Our techniques are quick, simple, and effective. We don’t waste your time teaching methods that only apply to a few situations.

Our 60-minute Expressing Vocal Variety course is a one-hour intensive on becoming a better speaker using what you already have: your voice.

Train as an individual in a virtual classroom with up to 4 other people, or register your entire team for private training. Either way, we’ll make sure it’s the best public speaking training you’ve ever had.

We also offer discounts when you bundle your interactive training courses.

Sign up now for Effective Presentation’s Expressing Vocal Variety online training and get ready to take your presentation skills to the next level.