Free Training Webinar

Topic: Empowering Your Conversation Skills

  • June 11th
  • 10:00am Mountain (9:00am Pacific, 11:00am Central, 12:00pm Eastern)

30 Minutes with Q & A to Follow

Who is this course for?

Have you ever walked away from a conversation wondering… What just happened?

What did they say? Or worse… What did I say or agree too?


BUT it happens to us all!

How do we set ourselves up for success for our next conversation? 

Complimentary Communications Webinar

Join us for an interactive webinar where we go over some of the skills behind participating in successful communication and the empowerment of knowing you have the tools to make sure that you are heard, validated, and understood in not only your next, but every conversation.

Grab a seat in our complimentary communication webinar on June 11th at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern.

Presenter: Breelyn Bowe

As one of Effective Presentations’ senior trainers, Breelyn Bowe shares her talent to create messages that are concise and meaningful.

Breelyn knows how to captivate an audience with words and images, and her public speaking teaching experience in higher education merges with her advanced degree in Communication to share a strong interpersonal experience with clients.