It All Starts With a Powerful Introduction

Every year, thousands of people turn to Effective Presentations to learn how even the most basic communications skills can transform their careers.


As one of the country’s leading presentation skills training companies, we’re committed to making you a phenomenal speaker, a stronger communicator, and an all-around more valuable team member.

And it all starts with a powerful introduction.

A strong introduction does more than just launch your presentation; with a carefully crafted introduction, you can establish your competence and prove your credibility. In just a few short sentences, you can demonstrate your trustworthiness—and that will keep your listeners tuned in.

Our Powerful Introductions interactive virtual course is just one of a dozen bite-sized online sessions that explores our most popular public speaking topics.

In our Powerful Introductions interactive virtual course, you’ll find out why getting started is always the hardest part… and why the beginning is the most important piece of your presentation.

Your introduction is one of the most unforgettable moments of your presentation. It’s when your listeners make up their mind about whether they’re interested in what you have to say or not.

Not sure what to say to make them decide to stick around? Can’t decide what to include in your introduction and what to leave out?

We’ve got the answers you need inside our Powerful Introductions interactive virtual course.

Methods That Work

In the initial 30 seconds of your presentation, your listeners form their opinion of you. In under a minute, they’ll have decided if they want to listen to what you’re going to say. You can’t waste those 30 seconds. It’s in that small window that you need to let your audience know what you’re there to do and why they should care.

Effective Presentations can transform your presentations into public speaking treasures. We’ll show you how to grab your listeners’ attention with your introduction using proven methods we’ve used ourselves.

The start of your presentation sets the tone for the rest of the interaction. Use our simple techniques to create a powerful introduction you can use for your next presentation or in any situation in which you meet someone new.

Don’t assume anyone in your audience will listen just because you’re speaking. Use a powerful introduction to let them know you’re about to tell them something worth listening to. Convince them with your first few sentences that there’s value in what you’re presenting.

It might sound difficult, but with our easy-to-follow methods, we’ll help you form a legendary introduction that entices people to tune in.

Our one-hour Powerful Introductions interactive virtual course teaches you:

  • How to gauge the length of your introduction
  • Ways to use body language to get noticed right away
  • Different tools you can use to gain a listener’s attention
  • Why you have to establish credibility in less than a minute

If putting together an introduction that pulls your listeners in and keeps them there is what troubles you the most, we have a collection of simple tools to make it easy to start your presentations on a powerful note.

“I have been in the corporate world for over 15 years and have attended countless number of trainings by professional trainers. The two-day public speaking training I recently attended in Orange County was by far the most powerful and beneficial to me. They have this thing down to a science, some of the techniques they implement are powerful and effective. If you are looking to get over your fear of public speaking or just want to get much better at it this is a great course for you. You will never look at a presentation the same way when you are done with this seminar.”

– Hadi Assaf

Build Trust From the Start

Effective Presentations has spent more than two decades coaching people on how to be expert communicators. We don’t just help you become better at public speaking, we teach you how public speaking skills can boost every aspect of your career.

We fill our live interactive courses with tools anyone can use, from small business owners to C-level executives. We want you to feel more confident in all of your interactions: when you’re speaking in public, delivering a sales presentation, or communicating with others on your team.

Our goal is to provide you with education and support to drive your career forward and increase your earning potential.

Effective Presentations’ Powerful Introductions live interactive course can give you that and more.

When you enroll in our Powerful Introductions interactive course, you’ll:

  • Discover our secrets for establishing trust almost immediately
  • Uncover strategies for staying calm as you start
  • Learn how to modify your introduction for any audience
  • Deliver practice presentations to put your new skills to work

Learning how to make powerful introductions sets you up for presentation success. When you start strong, you gain momentum that will carry you through to the conclusion.

Imagine starting your next presentation feeling 100% confident in your ability to win over the audience. Imagine knowing you’ve established a solid connection with your listeners.

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Move Your Career Forward

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