Identify Your Personal Brand

Everyone has their own style. It’s how they express themselves; it’s what they’re known for.

How Do You Communicate?

It’s your personal brand.

But not everyone knows what their brand is. Even fewer know how it can be useful for public speaking.

That’s where Effective Presentations comes in.

When you sign up for our Your Speaker Identity online training, we’ll help you identify your brand and show you how to make it work for you in every one of your presentations, big or small.

Branding isn’t just for companies to build recognition; it’s for you, too.

Your personal brand tells people who you are, what you stand for and the values you embrace. Even how you express yourself is a part of your personal brand.

Your personal brand isn’t what others think of you; it’s what people think of when they hear your name. It’s your story, your reputation and, ultimately, your legacy.

Have you ever thought about how your personal brand influences your speaking style? And can you tap into your personal brand to make you a better speaker and overall communicator?

The answer is yes. And Effective Presentations can help make it happen.

Use Your Story to Connect

We want you to use your story to communicate better with your audience. This is how you connect with people…without even trying.

Using your personal brand means playing up your unique talents and natural abilities and presenting them in a way that gets people to react and engage.

Use your personal brand to:

  • Prepare the ultimate elevator pitch
  • Maximize networking opportunities
  • Attract people who want to work with you and your business

We’ll work with you to uncover your speaker identity by helping you develop your personal brand. You’ll learn how to use your story to make connections, attract a following, and influence others. Your story is more powerful than you think.

Good Speaker Qualities

In just 60 minutes, you’ll have a clear understanding of how your story has shaped your speaker identity and how to share your story in a way that appeals to any audience.

Our unique online training program gives you the confidence to highlight your strengths and communicate them more effectively. And it only takes one hour.

Too many people focus on trying to be everything to everyone. In our Your Speaker Identity live interactive course, you’ll learn the most effective strategy to win people over is to be yourself. To introduce people to your personal brand so they see and trust who they’re working with.

If you want to be a better public speaker who knows how to capitalize on your personal brand, you need proven public speaking training from Effective Presentations.

“I did not know what to expect. This class was useful, enlightening and effective. I have tools that I can use in presentations and everyday life. I would recommend this class to anyone looking to improve their communication skills.”

– Erik Larson

Unlock the Power of Your Brand

At Effective Presentations, we don’t just teach people how to be confident public speakers; we teach people what makes public speaking great.

Being an effective presenter has so many more benefits than simply getting people to listen to you.

Strong presentation skills make you a better communicator, at work and at home. You’re able to articulate your thoughts more clearly, saving yourself from the frustration and sometimes expensive consequences of miscommunication.

As a leader in presentation skills training, we deliver first-rate instruction on key communication elements, including building your speaker identity.

Through our live interactive courses, you get one hour of high-level training with exclusive access to techniques and methods proven to make you a better public speaker.

Your personal brand may be hard to pin down, especially if you’ve recently changed careers or are planning to.

The Your Speaker Identity interactive course will help you navigate these kinds of transitions easily using simple, effective strategies that have been proven to work over and over. No matter where you’re at, we’ll show you how to create content around your personal brand.

During our Your Speaker Identity interactive course you’ll:

  • Unlock the power in your personal brand
  • Discover how to share your story to build your brand
  • Uncover the strengths you probably didn’t even know you had
  • Deliver practice presentations hitting key online presentation techniques
Which courses are you interested in?

Fast, Expert Training

If you know that professional development is the Number 1 way to advance your career, you probably also know soft skills are by far the greatest asset you have.

By learning better ways to communicate and connect with others, you’re one step ahead.

And especially in an ever-changing digital economy, you have to know how to communicate effectively through different mediums.

We teach you how to be a showstopper when it comes to presentations skills. We make it easy, too.

Every one of Effective Presentation’s 60-minute live interactive courses delivers one hour of expert training you can enjoy from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Train on your own in a virtual classroom with up to 4 other people, or sign up your entire team for private training. Discounts are available when you bundle multiple interactive training courses.

Sign up for Effective Presentations’ Your Speaker Identity online training now. We’ll give you the tools you need to be a successful, confident speaker…in just 60 minutes.