Dustin Leffingwell

Dustin Leffingwell’s exceptional communication and presentation skills come from the value he places on higher learning for himself and others. Since 2004, Dustin has been delivering exceptional public speaking and leadership training at Colorado universities, teaching others to become more effective public communicators who are confident and influential. He is now a trainer for the top communication skills company in the nation, Effective Presentations. He firmly believes a person who can demonstrate communication competency will enjoy more career success.

Dustin Leffingwell is Dynamic, Energetic, Enthusiastic

After studying to earn his Master of Arts Degree in Communication with an Emphasis in Human Communication, Dustin has served as a Public Speaking Instructor at the University of Northern Colorado and Metropolitan State University of Denver. This, in addition to his extensive experience in recruiting and sales, makes Dustin a highly sought-after speaker and presentation skills coach, particularly among entrepreneurs seeking guidance from someone with first-hand knowledge of sales techniques for business start-ups.

Dustin’s role within Effective Presentations is to provide presentation skills training that allows people to improve themselves to provide outstanding service to their clients and push their companies forward. He’s dynamic, energetic, and enthusiastic and teaches others to present that way, too.

Training at its Finest

To say Dustin is passionate about teaching others to be effective presenters is an understatement. His way with people is remarkable, and his technique is incomparable, which is why he is frequently recognized for his work. Among his accolades is an Outstanding Teaching Associate Award from the International Communication Association and A Positive Student Impact Award from the University of Northern Colorado. Dustin also graduated as part of the National Communication Association’s Lambda Pi Eta Honor Society.

Passionate About Your Success

With a genuine love for what he does, Dustin teaches people how to succeed in every area of their lives by giving them the tools they need to be outstanding communicators. When you sign on for a workshop led by Dustin, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling invigorated and ready to take on any public speaking opportunity. But it’s not all work and no play for Dustin. When he’s not transforming others into influential public speakers, he’s enjoying family time with his wife and three children or cheering on his favorite NFL team.

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