Kara Flynn

Business growth, Sales and Leadership Expert 

Kara brings 15+ years experience rockin’ it in the realm of Sales & Leadership, specializing in Sales Training, Consulting, Strategy and Coaching. 

Kara loves bringing her masterful business skills & leadership, her conscious and mindfulness-based values and foundation, and 1000’s of hours and 10+ years on mastering personal & business development and self-growth.

She is passionate about teaching people how to tap into the desires on their heart, be present and passionately live their life’s purpose, every single day. Success in life starts with loving yourself first and having a thirst for continually becoming the best version of yourself. She also loves sharing practical and tangible tools that her audience and clients can use on a daily basis to enhance their well-being and live from a balanced place of gratitude. 

Kara is a a keynote speaker, a certified meditation instructor, a reiki master teacher, and the founder of a business called Empowering The Light Within, which focuses on helping people overcome limiting beliefs and embody an empowered mindset so they can live a life of their dreams. 

Kara is on the board for multiple charities, local and global, that promote development and empowerment. She previously was the Head of community outreach, sponsorships and fundraising so has a diverse set of skills leading and empowering people to take action and be inspired by the life they live. 

Kara currently specializes in teaching people sales strategy from a place of Authenticity. She is passionate about helping people be successful in their career and in life; teaching all people the mindset and strategy needed to be in alignment with who they are and live an abundant and successful life beyond their wildest dreams!

I’m grateful to have 15+ years of exceptional Sales experience and my passion is in empowering people through Sales Training, Coaching and Consulting. 

My Career Purpose: Inspiring Greatness within each person, while producing & inspiring others to produce Extraordinary Results. 

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Sales Training, Coaching & Consulting; Leadership Strategy and Consulting.
  • Skilled in creating, executing, and leading innovative sales training strategies and mentoring others.
  • …. ensure sustainable success with Sales Training and Sales Strategies. 
  • Strong ability to close sales; highly effective presentation, negotiating, listening, problem solving, public speaking, and consultative selling skills. Superior at training Sales teams on these topics.
  • Gifted at helping people see their potential and facilitating action steps in how to live a life of purpose, results & success. 
  • Extremely well-versed and knowledgeable in leadership, communication, and transformational methodologies. 
  • An “outside the box” thinker that lights up when everyone wins. 
  • Determined to focus on goals until achieved
  • A natural connector always seeking new opportunities to connect and ways to learn, grow, and expand.

My values are: Connection. Authenticity. Empowerment. Relationships. Communication. Curiosity. Collaboration.  Personal and Business Growth & Development. Purpose/ Inspiration/ Impact/ Connecting to something bigger than yourself. 

Kara believe’s in: 

  • Empowering people to thrive in Sales, while loving their life.
  • Motivation, Mindset and Inspired Daily Actions to live a life of abundance, success and happiness- both personally and professionally.

When Kara isn’t training professionals to skyrocket their sales, you can find her spending time outdoors in Colorado with her husband, Kyle, and their pup, Tank! 

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