The Gift of Presenting

Find the present in your presentation. What do you have for your audience? Let Effective Presentations help with the gift wrap.

Megan Heffernan

Merging Creativity With Presentation Skills

Teaching you how to deliver a powerful message with confidence is Megan’s forte. With her degree in broadcast communications and a background in production and performance, she brings creative elements together for maximum impact.

Are you a novice presenter who’s unsure of where to start, what to say, and if your message is clear? Megan will usher you through the entire presentation process, from content creation and program design, to accepting and incorporating feedback from your audience. You’ll feel competent and confident after implementing Megan’s strategies for public speaking success.

Dazzle the Digital Market

Your workplace is changing. Meetings once held in the boardroom are now held from offices, co-working spaces and homes around the country (and the world). Your in-person presentation skills are sharp, but can you say the same of your virtual presentation skills?

Megan’s experience as a professional actor and spokesperson helps prepare you for your virtual audiences in an ever-enhancing digital market. No matter who you’re speaking to or how you’re delivering a presentation, Megan gives mindful insights on how to understand your fear of public speaking better. She’ll help you manage that fear so you can grow your confidence and propel your communication skills forward.

Expert Storytelling Skills

A skillful storyteller has a major impact on an audience and Megan knows it. She’ll lead you through exercises to connect your message with a story and then show you how to weave that story through your presentation so your audience feels a stronger connection to you.

Draw on Megan’s communication expertise to find fun and practical ways to build a relationship with an audience of any size. If you’re struggling to figure out what makes your listeners tick. Megan has proven strategies that will help—and tips to use that information to make your next presentation even better.

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